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Frequently Asked Questions    


Q: What is Virtual Bookkeeping™?

Are you spending so much time on the administrative side of your business that you are missing opportunities to grow? Are you

  • recording all your business expenses to pay less tax?

  • keeping your paperwork properly organized?

  • keeping up with monthly invoicing?

  • collecting your receivables in a timely way?

  • managing your cash flow effectively?

  • measuring results so that you know what works and what doesn’t?

A: Virtual Bookkeeping™ by Monica is here with information, ideas, systems, processes and inspiration to help you build your business and allow you the freedom to focus on what you love best.


Q: What is an Independent Contractor?

A: (1) A contract for service exists when an individual is retained to achieve a prescribed objective with no day-to-day supervision by the contracting authority, i.e. the contractor has the latitude of how to achieve a specified amount of work. (2) A contract in which one party agrees that certain specified work will be done for the other. It normally implies the accomplishment of a specified job or task. (3) An employer/employee relationship does not exist in contracts for services.

  • Receives no benefits
  • Pays their own taxes
  • Are not economically dependant on the employer
  • Performs services where they choose
  • Furnishes their own tools
  Virtual Bookkeeping™ will help your business thrive …….     

not just survive!


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