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How often do you find a bookkeeping service that actually puts $$ INTO your bank account?

Virtual Bookkeeping offers you much more than the average bookkeeping services company

The vast majority of bookkeeping services are really just that -record keeping and nothing more. But we are different because record keeping is just a small part of our bookkeeping services.
Here is how.

We will save you money by:

  • Charging affordable bookkeeping rates instead of high-priced accounting rates
  • Maximizing your write-offs
  • Showing you exactly where you are spending your money
  • Regular, monthly bookkeeping so you know exactly how your business is doing all the time
  • Making sure nothing is missed
  • Making recommendations if we find anything amiss
And we will teach you what we have learned about running a business from a financial perspective. We will help you:
  • Plan and project for the upcoming month
  • Steer your business financially
  • Weather any financial storms
  • Plan to stay in business for the long haul
  • Build relationships and partnerships with clients and other businesses

The bottom line is, our bookkeeping services will add more $$ to your bottom line.

It all starts with our free needs assessment.
Give us a call at 855-774-3330 toll-free or
email us  for your free needs assessment.

We will discuss your estimated company size, financial transactions and services required in order to give you an accurate understanding of how we can help you best.

Other bookkeeping services companies will give you a rate per hour, but that does not really tell you anything does it? Knowing the hourly rate is useless if you don’t know how many hours your bookkeeping takes.

And that is one reason why we offer the free needs assessment. Our hourly rates are comparable to other bookkeeping services companies, but the information you give us means there are no surprises. You will know exactly what you will be paying per month for our bookkeeping services.

Here is an example.
In an average month, Joe shingles 20 homes. He has an account with XYZ Shingle Co., ordering shingles for each job. Joe also buys roofing supplies weekly, all from 123 Roofing Supply Ltd., and pays for gas about once a week with the company credit card.

Other bookkeeping companies told Joe he would be paying $35 an hour, but could not (or would not) tell him how many hours a month it would take. And that meant Joe could not budget for his bookkeeping services.

But, because we take the time for a needs assessment, we could tell him it would cost him between $75.00 and $125.00 each and every month. And that meant Joe could budget his bookkeeping expenses.

What Joe could not know is that we also found enough additional write-offs to pay for our bookkeeping services in the first month. So in effect, Virtual Bookkeeping cost Joe nothing that first year.

Needless to say, Joe is a happy Virtual Bookkeeping client.

But, if you’re considering doing your company’s bookkeeping
on your own, we can help you there too

Sign up for our QuickBooks teleclass and we will give you a free needs assessment even if you are looking to do your own bookkeeping! If you are doing your own bookkeeping, our free needs assessment will help you gain clarity regarding time, energy and money you invest in your bookkeeping.

Our QuickBooks certified instructor will give you one-on-one instruction, including:

  • Three hours of individual QuickBooks consulting
  • Three hours of ongoing support after you have completed the program

And, if after you have completed our QuickBooks teleclass, you decide you need help with your company’s bookkeeping, we will give you a discount of 30% off our already affordable prices for your first three months as a Virtual Bookkeeping Client!

Put more $$ in your bank account with Virtual Bookkeeping’s extensive bookkeeping services

And then, whether you need our bookkeeping services, or you want to sign up for our QuickBooks teleclass with our certified instructor call us today at 855-774-3330 toll-free or email us  for your free needs assessment.

P.S. Our free needs assessment gives you two things. It’ll tell us everything we need to know in order to help you gain clarity regarding time, energy and $$ you invest in your bookkeeping. And, it will let us give you an accurate, rock-solid bookkeeping quote you can count on.

Virtual Bookkeeping
will help your business thrive …….   

not just survive!








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