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  "I've been working with Monica & Virtual Bookkeeping for a little over a year now - and my business accounting has never looked so good. Monica is easy to work with, efficient, thorough, dedicated and detail oriented- everything you'd want in a bookkeeper. It's been such a great experience having my accounting brought up to date each month with little or no extra work for me- and this whole process made filing my taxes easy and simple this year too. If you are looking for someone to help you get your business accounts into tip-top shape, work with Monica and Virtual
You'll be glad you did."

Dr. Rachna Jain



"Working with Monica is joyous and easy!  I recommend her to all my clients who have Brilliance-Based Businesses (experts, educators, consultants, healing professionals and creative professionals).  If your professional expertise is anything other than bookkeeping, outsource your books to Monica right away.  Based on my experience, her service will pay for itself."

Debra A. Woog
Brilliance-Based Business Success™ Expert & Mentor 


"Monica rocks! I've been working with her for 6 years and am totally confident in her work. She's accurate, reliable and makes it so easy for me to manage my business finances. I would recommend Monica and her team without question for anyone who needs a bookkeeper."

Juliet Austin


"I have worked with the team at Virtual Bookkeeping for several years and have had an excellent experience from day one. Monica and her staff are always professional, prepared, thorough and friendly. And working virtually couldn't be more convenient."

Lindsey Pollak


"Before working with Monica, I had a bad experience with another bookkeeping service. So I was skeptical about finding someone who was professional, who would not cause me additional stress, and who, of course, was an expert in bookkeeping.

Monica eliminated my skepticism immediately. She took over my books, reconciled them properly, and began giving me monthly reports. Finally I knew my business numbers and felt taken care of by someone who "gets" my business! The best thing about working with Monica is that the work is done quickly, on time, it's very clear, and there is no drama. I can see my business growing month by month. I highly recommend Monica!"

Stefanie Frank


"Monica is reliable, competent and thorough.  With Monica managing the books, I feel as if I can leave the invoicing and business tracking to her.  I can focus on the aspects of my business which I enjoy, and that is a huge sense of freedom and relief.  I appreciate the monthly calls we do so that I am sure to look at the patterns of the business and get more clear on where I am doing well and where
I need to focus attention."

Jennifer Bezoza


During these first few years of our start-up we had many challenges and important decisions to face.

With the expertise and cost effective approach of the Virtual Bookkeeping team, we have been able to grow with the assurance that our needs are always their priority. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a way to make their life easier!

T Klotz, Director, Windabout Enterprises Inc.


"What are your first two non-negotiable criteria for hiring a bookkeeper? For me, it's 1) honesty - can I trust this person to be honest and do I feel that my accounts are safe in their hands? And 2) - are they reliable and accurate? Finally, when human error does happen, are they quickly responsive and take ownership of the problem and the solution? Monica Ross is all of these. She was highly recommended to me and I've been with for several years. I'm delighted to recommend her."

Wendy Yellen 


"As a soloprenuer, one of the best business decisions I’ve made was engaging Virtual Bookkeeping to handle my accounting and client billing.  I’ve been a satisfied user of their services for 11 years.  In all of my dealings with Monica and her staff, I have found them to be professional, responsive, and efficient.  I’d highly recommend working with them."

Grace Durfee, PCC, PMC, RMT
Professional Certified Coach
Professional Mentor Coach
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Team Northrup Member/Independent USANA Associate

Author of Balance With Grace: Celebrate the Kaleidoscope of Life (978)689-7446 or (888)833-1903 

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"Monica is my bookkeeping "secret weapon"! I've been using her for 6 years and her service is always prompt, accurate, and easy to work with. She keeps my data secure and works very well with my accountant. Recently she's started handling my payroll as well, and that was so much easier than I thought it would be! I trust Monica and highly recommend her services to anyone in the US or Canada!

Terri Z


"Virtual Bookkeeping has been an absolute God-send. I can’t recommend Monica Ross enough for quality of service, dependability and professionalism! My business and life were long overdue for the services of a bookkeeper, but I hesitated for two reasons: 1) the level of surrender and trust required to turn over my business finances seemed daunting, and 2) the logistics of transferring the data, bills and access to accounts seemed overwhelming. Monica was referred to me by a trusted colleague, so I took the plunge. She made the transition painless and liberating. So much so, that I turned over my personal finances in short order. And… when my life experienced personal hardship, and keeping the business afloat took everything I had, Monica was a life-preserver in a stormy sea. Quite simply, she handles a huge job I have no desire or time to do, stays in consistent communication with me, keeps things easy and simple, and works beautifully with my CPA when tax season comes round. Virtual Bookkeeping is one of the best investments I’ve ever made!"

Sonia Miller, President


"From the day on brought on Monica Ross and her team at Virtual Bookkeeping, my business life has gotten easier.  I just dump all the record keeping, QuickBooks updates, tax reporting, and payroll on them and I don't worry about any of it.  The work is virtual, fast, accurate--and the pricing is attractive and the service very responsive.  And personal.  Monica and the gang free me up to do what I do best:  bring in business.

Virtual Bookkeeping is perfect for a solo-preneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.  We do much of our business over the web, why not the accounting?"

Gerry Lantz
Branding and Marketing Communications


"As a Life Purpose and Career Coach (,
I recommend everyone focus on his/her core genius and delegate the rest. This is especially smart for entrepreneurs.  When we focus on our strengths, we get the best results.  Taking my own advice,
I have been a client of Virtual Bookkeeping for the last six years.  
I have found Monica to be professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and a great help to my business.  I love knowing my financial house is in order without me having to worry about all the details.  I am a CPA and still find its easier & more accurate to have Monica updating my books monthly.  The reports i get also help me analyze my revenues and expenses so I can make smart decisions and implement new strategies as needed.  I can't recommend VB enough!"

Maggie Mistal | Career Consultant | Radio Host & Speaker

"One of the nation's best known career coaches" - CNN

Ready to Soul Search, Research & Job Search into Your Ideal Career?


"Monica Ross is incredible! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of bookkeeping, she is also an excellent teacher. I wanted to learn QuickBooks in addition to having Monica assist me in the accounting aspect of my business. Her patience, warmth and light-heartedness actually made a dreaded experience fun! I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to partner with a true professional. Her customer service is top-notch, her prices are extremely reasonable, and she is a pleasure to work with. You will breathe a sigh of relief...I certainly have!"

Lisa G. Kramer, MSW, CPCC
Living with Intention
(610) 527-4511



Monica has exceeded my expectations and taken my business to a level I never imagined possible during my first year in business! 
I find Monica to have the highest work ethic and puts 100% plus, into everything she does. She treats my business as if it is her own business.
Monica is an outstanding person to be affiliated with in business and I would recommend her to work with anyone in a business atmosphere."

Debra Seidel-Bittke
Dental Practice Solutions
Portland, Oregon
Telephone: 503-698-1351





  Virtual Bookkeeping will help your business thrive….     

not just survive!



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