Benefit from QuickBooks training over the phone with no distractions and clear, easy lessons between you and our certified QuickBooks trainer. Our software training approach offers maximum improvement and value, regardless of your skill level. If you’re new to QuickBooks, we’ll begin with the basics. If you have some experience, we’ll determine your abilities and needs, and structure your lesson accordingly. Or, if you want to focus on your business data with a QuickBooks Affiliate, we can do that too.

Our tele-classes include three hours of individual QuickBooks training and consulting, and three hours of ongoing support following the course.

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This program is for you if you're a:

  • New QuickBooks user
  • Sole proprietor
  • Small- to medium-sized business owner
  • New business owner

What can you expect to learn?

While your QuickBooks training is customized to your specific needs, here are just a few tasks we can cover:

  1. What is a chart of accounts and what should mine look like?
  2. How do I create a custom invoice?
  3. How do I apply payments and discounts?
  4. How do I enter and pay bills?
  5. How do I reconcile, deal with incorrect deposits, and handle unmatched balances?
  6. What happens at the end of each month to balance sheet, P&L and reconciling to the general ledger?
  7. How do I set up inventory and/or services?
  8. How do I post transactions?
  9. How do I understand a balance sheet, profit & loss, sales history, trial balance, and customizing reports?
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Although the instructions took place over the telephone, I really felt as though I were in an actual classroom. Thank you Monica. You have made running my business easier.

Peggy West,
Office Essentials VA Service

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