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Virtual Bookkeeping operates as an independent contractor providing accounting services to your company. You will not have to engage a bookkeeping employee, pay benefits or withhold taxes. Everything is completed online for your convenience. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of your company.


Monica Ross - Owner and President of Virtual BookkeepingAs the founder and President of Virtual Bookkeeping, Monica Ross has considerable experience working for all types of small and medium sized businesses and independent contractors. She is proficient in all bookkeeping procedures and familiar with bookkeeping software such as ACCPAC, QuickBooks and MYOB; and she is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. She also specializes in working with couples on their personal finances. Monica has run her own business since 1999 and taken great pride in building up a large team of Virtual Bookkeeping associates across North America. She knows what it is like to move from surviving in business to thriving and is committed to helping you do the same. Strangely enough, this single mom/entrepreneur with a big heart, loves bookkeeping but more importantly she loves to partner with her clients to help them grow their own businesses. She knows the freedom that comes from that kind of success!

To read Monica's article "Do You Resist Bookkeeping? The Answer for the Accounting-Impaired", please click here.

Our Team

Sharlene Ward
is a seasoned bookkeeper with advanced knowledge of Simply Accounting and Quickbooks. Her specialties include office management, payroll and bookkeeping. She is also proficient with Microsoft access and excel. She has experience with a variety of clients in different industries and looks forward to working with you. Her work is accurate and she gets the job done in a timely fashion.

Lyndsey Houghton - BookkeeperLyndsey Houghton owns her own Bookkeeping business, she caters to her clientele of small to medium businesses, and some included are: a hardware store, restaurant/bar, transportation business. She has a vast knowledge of QuickBooks and specializes in MYOB w/payroll - up to and including Trial Balance and working with Accountants complete year end. She strives to maintain a high standard and prides herself on accuracy.

Debra Woog guides women entrepreneurs to accelerate success with profit-enhancing communications, technology, operations and personal best practices. As a result, Brilliance-Based Businesswomen™(experts, educators, consultants, healing professionals and creative professionals) skyrocket their profit and shift from feeling overwhelmed and time-crunched to joy-filled and at ease in their lives and work.


  Virtual Bookkeeping will help your business thrive….     

not just survive!



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